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What is Tatum?

Tatum offers a flexible framework to build, run, and scale blockchain apps fast. To learn more about the Tatum blockchain development framework, visit our website. The Tatum API features powerful endpoints that simplify a complex blockchain into single API requests. Code for all supported blockchains using unified API calls.

What is used for?

Tatum API is used for many things like build scalable blockchain apps in a lot of networks. They offer a lot of endpoints to make an easier way to build a dapp.

With Tatum APIs you can:

  • Connect with networks nodes.

  • Create wallets, account address and public keys.

  • Get Blocks from hashes, balances, transactions.

  • Send ERC20 tokens from an account to account, invoke smart contract methods, broadcast signed transaction.

How to use Tatum:

Register for a x-API-key in Tatum

After registering and logging in, you need to create an API key choose the free plan in this test

Now that you have your API key copy it and let's try it in the API docs Tatum

At this point you can see in list on left side all the endpoints that Tatum offers to build in xinfin network and the many programming lenguages.

Let's generate a wallet and an address, be sure to have your API Key, click in the try it button and paste your x-api-key then click send.

You most to receive a 200 OK STATUS copy your x-pub and mnemonic phrase.

Paste the xpub in the required field and the index should be the number 0.

After that you'll receive your address.

Now let's generate our private key you will see your the fields already filled with the right information:

Keep save all the information provided, you can use it to develop with Tatum.

Now gonna try to get the balance for this account:

Gonna try to send xdc tokens from my XDC Pay Wallet to the wallet generated with Tatum you can ask for tokens in tesnet with this faucet Apothem network.

Opening Extension.

Check the transaction in BlockScan

Check the balance again in the Tatum Api page:

You can Build with a lot of programming languages like php, java, python, javascript, c# and Go. In the API Tatum page you can copy the code and paste it in your editor or IDE:

Here is a javascript code to get the account balance copied from Tatum's page

const address = 'xdca7673161cbfe0116a4de9e341f8465940c2211d4';
const resp = await fetch(
    method: 'GET',
    headers: {
      'x-api-key': 'YOUR-API-KEY'

const data = await resp.text();

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