One-Click-Installer Masternode (macOS)

XDC One-Click Installer Set-Up (macOS)

The XDC developer community has made it easy for new and existing users, even those with little or no technical expertise, to quickly set up a masternode with a simple, one-click installer.

Setting Up XDC One-Click Installer (macOS)

  1. Download the One-Click Installer: (This option is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS)

A pop-up window will come up for you to save the file in the default folder (wherever you have designated the download to be saved)

2. Click on the downloaded file. When you click on it, this window will come up. Drag the "XinFin Network" folder to the "Applications" folder.

3. Go to the "Applications" folder to find the downloaded file, and click on it. When you do, macOS has a security feature that will warn you about installing software because the developer cannot be verified as shown below

4. To allow your Mac to run this application, follow these instructions:

5. Once unlocked (if it was locked) you can click on "Open Anyway". This will bring another popup window as shown below:

6. Click on "Open", and this will launch the application. Wait several minutes until the application connects to the network.

7. Once it starts syncing, you will notice the "Peers" number going up and "Blocks" going up. If prompted by your MacOS to "allow incoming connections to XinFin Network" click "Allow." You will see the application generate your account.

8. When the application connects to the network, you will see the number of peers and blocks the application (masternode) has downloaded.

You can now verify that your masternode shows up on the Network Stat page.

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