Community Support

Community is the lifeblood and foundation of the XDC Network. Community can be anyone interacting with and contributing to the XDC Network in any way. This can be users, developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise, supporters, and anything else that contributes or builds on the network. Each community participant plays a role in a network's success, and each role has different needs from the ecosystem to successfully contribute. This page, and the rest of XDC Community documentation, will give you access to many outlets and resources that will be needed to join the XDC Network community.

Join the XDC Community

There are many ways to join the XDC Network community and engage with others participating in its ecosystem. The following links will get you started.

Twitter and Social Media

XDC Community Twitter
XDC Community YouTube
XDC Foundation Twitter
XDC Foundation Linkedin
XDC Foundation YouTube
XinFin Twitter
XinFin Linkedin

Talk XDC Network

Discord XDC Community Discord for building on XDC
XDC.DEV Developers Forum
XinFin Reddit
XDC Foundation Reddit