One-Click-Installer Masternode (Windows OS)

The one-click installer is a software that can be installed on your personal computer or a server. The interface will allow running an XDC Masternode on your PC, Mac, or Linux server.

XDC One-Click Installer Set-Up

The XDC developer community has made it easy for new and existing users, even those with little or no technical expertise, to quickly set up a masternode with a simple, one-click installer.

Setting Up XDC One-Click Installer

  1. Download the One-Click Installer: (This option is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS)

2. Run the downloaded file to start the installation and read the Public License properly and click on "I AGREE"

3. Select the default destination folder or browse to select a new one

4. Select the location where blockchain data is to be stored

5. Let the installation run, and it's complete when you see the following screen. Then you can click on the "Close" button in the bottom right corner.

6. When you click "Close" it will automatically open the folder where the XDC Network files were saved. Double-click the "XinFin Network" icon as shown. You can also find the icon on your desktop.

7. Once clicked, it will launch the software to start connecting to the blockchain and syncing your node to the latest block.

8. Wait 10-15 minutes for your node to start syncing. You will notice that it will have some peers connected and the block counts will start to increase

9. Once we have peers and some blocks reflected on the software, we can verify our node shows up on the list of nodes online here:

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