How to Stake an XDC Masternode

Note: You do not need 10,000,000 XDC to run a node for RPC or just querying live data from the chain.

As an XDC masternode candidate, you are going to need the following:

  1. XDCPay or XinFin web wallet or a hardware wallet (Trezor )

  2. 10,000,000 XDC (mainnet) or test XDC (Apothem testnet)

  3. Your coinbase address (you can log in to your node and retrieve it from there)

Follow these steps to stake your node.

  1. Go to and switch to either mainnet or Apothem:

  2. Click on login

  3. You will be presented with the following options to log in. We will be using XDCPay for this tutorial:

  1. Once logged in, click on "Become a candidate" and you will see the following screen:

  1. Once the file has been uploaded, you will see that KYC shows "True."

  1. Click on "Become a candidate" and input your coinbase address from your node and hit apply.

  1. Once you click apply, your wallet will prompt you to sign the transaction. Click "Confirm" on your wallet.

  1. Once the transaction executes successfully, you will get a notification at the bottom right side of the screen as shown below.

  1. You can also verify the transaction if you open your wallet, click on "Transactions" and click on the "Propose" event.

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